Just along the road a bit, beyond the shops and round the bend, you'll find the Museum of Stories. It's a fascinating place, sometimes a little spooky, more often rather surprising, filled with the oddest things you'd ever hope to see.

But every single thing, be it a one legged chair or a badger in a bucket, is there for the very same reason: there's a story to be told about each and every one of them!

And who better to tell those stories than the Museum's very own curator, the big, silly, lovable StoryMonster.

The StoryMonster loves stories and loves telling stories. He's also been known to sing the occasional song and is famous for his truly terrible jokes.

So if you like nursery rhymes or fairy tales, adventure stories, scary stories, stories about princes and princesses or even stories that don't make any sense at all, then come along to the Museum and let the StoryMonster tell you a tale or two.

In Development...

The StoryMonster was developed initially as an app for mobile devices as a means of distracting and entertaining young children whilst out and about with busy parents.

As the project progressed the content became more ambitious and was re-purposed in 2015 after a request from Big Centre TV for a series of short episodes for their children's strand.

Subsequently the concept has been revised and Monster House Media are now developing a new television show featuring The StoryMonster for a pre-school and Key Stage One audience.

The programme's ethos is 'good stories told well', and features traditional and original material as well as songs, poems, riddles and jokes. CGI and live action are combined to create the world of The StoryMonster. Each episode is centred around a story inspired by or featuring one of the objects in the Museum of Stories.

Broadly the the show compares to the conventional story telling format of programmes like Jackanory but takes place within a structured and immersive world better geared to a contemporary audience.

For more information please contact Steve Manley: