IP Development & Realisation

For more years than he'd like to admit, our director Steve has been dealing with IP licensing and has seen many properties come and go. Some hang around seeking funding, others lose impetus and fall by the wayside. But some do work and have become massive internet sensations.

So what does it take to turn an idea for a character into a success, to take a fledgling concept and turn it into a coveted Intellectual Property?


And what precise ingredients go together to make a good IP, what makes something go viral, what gives it the hook that draws people in and allows it to become the most sought after IP License on the planet?

The answer is elusive and lies somewhere between ingenuity and luck! But our work with some of the world's most successful IPs, including Crazy Frog, Gummy Bear and now Jeb,  has taught us that alongside creativity, planning and preparation are essential ingredients.

We have sharp eyes, a sense of fun and well honed instincts which allow us to spot interesting characters; characters which have the potential to capture an audience's imagination and stand out as unique and innovative with the potential to encapsulate the current Zeitgeist.

IP Development

And we have the ability to bring your brainchild to life, to develop your idea, however crude, into a living, breathing embodiment of your original concept and back it up with the essential branding and documentation to give it the best chance of success once it hits the market.

But there is no magic dust. Only imagination and hard work, which is something else we're good at.

And once we've helped build your IP we can push it on to the world stage to strut its stuff , whether it's an internet show, a YouTube short, or an entire TV series.

In today's media rich environment there are many, many opportunities to realise an IP, to bring an idea to market and reach the holy grail of IP ownership: a return on investment.

The most important thing is to make a start. So let us help you. We're always happy to drink tea and chat!