Sally Alan Pixiebiscuit thinks her parents are embarrassing. And with good reason. One long summer's day she decides to leave her clown-footed dad and snaggle-haired mum to their silly antics and do something sensible.


So she heads on down to the foot of Butter Farm field; there's a pile of junk and jumble there which Mr Butter needs to move before the cows come out to graze. Sally thinks she might find tins and bottles which she can take home for recycling and she's quietly hoping that she'll happen across a hedgehog.


What she isn't expecting to discover amongst the rummage is a tiny village inhabited by some of the smallest and smelliest people she's ever met. These are the G-Nomes, warty green and rude; but Sally's no sap and quickly sees through their belligerence, recognising a rough charm and infectious sense of fun.

Warning the village of the impending clearance Sally manages to persuade the G-Nomes to secretly re-locate to the bottom of her own garden. Firm friendships are made and between the G-Nomes and the Pixiebiscuits, there's nothing that can't be turned into an adventure.

In Development...

G-Nomes combines old school children's programming with modern sensibilities and technology. The show features a strong, independent minded female lead supported by a cast of idiosyncratic live action and CGI characters and is underscored by themes of tolerance and environmental awareness without sermonising or sacrificing its principal aim of entertaining.

Storylines deal with problem solving, social conscience, friendship, learning and community but with an emphasis on humour and an indulgent appreciation of the whimsy of individuals.

A filmic look and feel harks back to the production values of earlier decades whilst the integration of computer animation and effects grounds the show firmly in the 21st century.

Scripts and character concepts are currently in development and a trailer is planned for shooting later in the year.

For more information please contact Steve Manley.