Monster House Media Ltd

Monster House Media is a longstanding collaboration between Producer and IP guru, Steve Manley and animation director Nick Forshaw, through which they have gradually been developing original entertainment properties.


Their first production, ‘The StoryMonster’, screened originally by Big Centre TV in 2015, is a series of short ‘Jackanory’ style programmes featuring a large, lovable blue monster who performs traditional and original stories, poems and songs for children.

In contrast is Jeb, a very much post-watershed character created in 2005. Jeb has seen phenomenal success online, building an audience in the tens of millions and winning numerous awards.

Monster House Media also assist in the development and realisation of third party IP as well as producing commissioned content including live action and animated commercials and programming.

Nick Forshaw

Nick Forshaw is a multi award winning writer, designer, producer and director with a primary focus on 3D and 2D animation.

He began his career as a lighting cameraman and quickly progressed to running a film unit in London where he produced approximately 45 short films in five years.

With the advent of digital technology he decided to pursue an ambition to become an animator. Along the way he spent time working in the field of visual effects for TV, movies and music videos.

After nine years he stepped down from his job as Animation Producer at a studio in Surrey and established himself in a freelance capacity

His idiosyncratic style and broad skill-set have allowed him to carve a successful niche, creating unique and ambitious content for marketing, communications and entertainment productions.

Nick has extensive experience teaching film production and performance, has presented seminars on animation and visual effects at Pinewood Studios and the National Film & Television School and in 2015 he was nominated as ‘Freelancer of the Year’ by the Association of Independent Professionals.

Steve Manley

Steve is a multifunctional man of business who takes almost all of the credit for merchandising the hell out of Crazy Frog, having spotted the characters potential well before it became the ringtone sensation we all know.


The result was over 400 products in 50 territories worldwide. The company Steve set up in 2005 to exploit the Crazy Frog (AKA The Annoying Thing) is still trading today, specialising in digital licensing.

Steve's success in IP licensing allowed him to diversify and he now keeps his fingers warm in numerous pies across several media, entertainment and even non-digital industries.


Steve is a perpetual dreamer, often visited by strange ideas for original IP. Stumbling across his now business partner, Nick, has enabled him to start bringing those ideas to life.